Live Dealers


Jasmine, 24, loves to read & watch movies, but also isn’t afraid of a little alcohol.
Kim, however, is the athletic type. She swims, dances & sings.
Though her active lifestyle does not prevent her from cooking a good meal!
Regina loves to socialize with her friends, shop, sing, & surf the net.
Though these girls differ in hobbies & interest, they do have one thing in common:
Along with over 20 other young ladies, They are professional dealers at the Carnival
Casino & at Club Dice Casino, and YOU can see them Live dealing your cards.
Carnival Casino & Club Dice Casino extend their services with the exiting LIVE DEALERS feature!
Instead of having the computer deal your cards, YOU can have Jasmine dealing your cards for you!

Experience the atmosphere of a Vegas casino with real live dealers dealing your cards in an array of games!
Blackjack, Roulette & Baccarat are all games available with LIVE dealers!